So... you are wondering who I am and why I do this.
Well, quite simply... I love photography, racing and cars!

I first became involved in the world of photography back in 1982 while attending Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights (a neighborhood east of Downtown Los Angeles).  With a Canon AE-1 my father, Saul, had given me, I began to develop my photographic skills while working as a staff photographer for both the public relations and yearbook staff.  With the encouragement and guidance from a good friend, I learned the principles of using the camera, how to process black & white film and how to develop the images in the darkroom. This experience served as a basis for my life-long passion in the art of photography.

From an early age, I have always had an interest for cars and racing.  I love anything that goes fast or evokes the beauty and the excitement of speed.  Race cars, sports cars, motorcycles, airplanes... it is this lifestyle of speed, design and engineering, which fuels my interest and passion.
I am inspired by everything I see and feel around me.  The images I capture have their creative origins from the things and places I encounter around me everyday.  They all have their visual elements that are influenced from the simplest shapes and forms to the most intricate styles and designs.

When I photograph racing events, the classic images of motor sports photographers Jesse Alexander, Louis Klemantaski, Bernard and Paul-Henri Cahier, Rainer Schlegelmilch, Darren Heath and Keith Sutton, serve as my inspiration when I look through the camera view finder.

My on going education includes an Associates of Arts degree in Merchandising & Marketing from FIDM in Los Angeles, a Certificate in Photography from Tri-Community School of Photography in Covina, California and I studied Web Development at Chaffey College in Chino, California.  I have also completed several photography workshops and lectures, recently completing the f8 Motorsports Photography Workshop in 2013.
I currently have the privilege of being a contributor at Sports Car Digest - the leading international online journal for sports, racing and vintage car enthusiasts.
Feel free to browse this site and enjoy the images I have captured.   If you are interested in acquiring one of my images, you can do so here.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy my images!